Land of the indios Tremembés.
Yuruco-Cuara, turtle Hole. The name derives from tupi-guarani. Some ancient fishermen report that the name Jericoacoara comes from Jacaré and was formerly called Jacarequara. Fortunately, in recent years, Jeri has returned to be the stage for the birth of baby sea turtles.

Until the 80’s Jericoacoara was a small fishing village lost in the middle of the dunes and isolated from the rest of the world, frequented by lonely travelers and hippies who stayed in fishermen’s houses.

That magic still exists, being a charming place where the natural light of the moon and stars is kept, without streetlights and the streets are still sandy.
A magic that reaches its peak at sunset when you sit on top of the dunes looking at the enchanting beaches.

There is nothing like conquering the Jeri Ocean

Embark on all water activities and conquer the waves, Windsurf, Wingfoil, Kite, Surf, Stand-up.

The wind season in Jericoacoara runs from July to January.

Canoa Polinesia and Boats, beautiful trips every year.



Immerse yourself in the crystalline waters of Lagoa do Paraíso or go to Praia de Mangue Seco to Tatajuba, where you can eat crabs and the most delicate oysters in the world.

Find Morro do Serrote which has several trails to explore the cliffs to the natural monument of Pedra Furada. Don’t forget the local handicraft shops where you can buy precious“crochê” works.


It is a place of singular beauty, with stunning landscapes that combine white dunes, crystalline sea and reddish cliffs. The region is known for its paradisiacal beaches and the natural beauty of its scenery.


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LOCATION of Casa fufi

Privileged location, in the quietest and most peaceful area of ​​Jericoacoara, very close to Praia da Malhada and Morro do Serrote, with easy access to a wonderful sunset, next to the ClubVentos Lounge. 


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